Evolution - Sugar Cane Tubes 

Evolution - Sugar Cane Tubes 

Let’s talk packaging. In the world of beauty sustainable packaging is often overlooked. We talk about the importance of sustainably sourced botanicals, steering away from harmful ingredients that are rough on your skin and on our environment. 

We wanted to take our sustainability efforts even farther and make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing innovative solutions, specifically sugarcane! 

The sugarcane tubes or bioplastic tubes are a highly environmentally friendly type of packaging, the carbon footprint of a sugarcane tube is 50% better than that of a conventional PE tube! As long as the tubes are empty, you can recycle them the same way as any conventional PE tube. 

We deeply care about the quality of our products as well, so the tubes we choose offer the same qualitative barriers, ensuring that our precious formulations stay fresh for you. 

Now prepare yourself, because we really thought about this and as we evolve as a company, we promised to take every step possible to be as gentle as we could on our planet. Not only are our tubes fully recyclable, but they are also refillable. The top unscrews allowing you to sanitize and refill your sugarcane tube. 

We want to thank you all, our amazing customers for being our biggest supporters in continuing down the path of sustainability. We work to be better for you, our planet and people every single day.