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September 03, 2021 2 min read

Bella Aura is a clean, luxury, award-winning skincare brand that blends modern science with the ancient spiritual knowledge drawn from Berber, African, Chinese, and Mediterranean herbal medicine traditions — focusing on the simple objective of skincare solutions and results.
At Bella Aura, we don't chase trends or follow fads and we stand strong in our stance around not falling into the societal norm of using the term “anti- aging”.  No one stops aging and at the end of the day those of us who have the honor of experiencing what it is to age are awarded the most precious gift...time. Instead we understand that prevention, protection, restoration and a ritual of self love are the key to healthy, beautiful skin.
We believe that nature and science were always meant to work together in unison. Duality, two forces made stronger by being woven together in harmony. We aim to fulfil the promise that our products ensure the results you desire by staying true to utilizing the most incredible ingredients we can source. We insist that each and every ingredient we use is rooted in traditions with high vibrational energy to promote healing upon all aspects of ourselves - emotional, mental, and spiritual. 
We also deeply believe in science and proven results to foster healthy and radiant skin. We work with an outstanding team of doctors, scientists, naturopaths, and chemists who have over 75 years of experience in creating modern, intelligent, skin care solutions for today’s discerning woman. Our collection is based on natural, botanical extracts with efficacy, efficiency, and safety as our highest priorities - always with you in mind.
Our products are for everybody. We practice inclusivity in every facet of our work. The conceptualization and formulation of the products is done with heart based intention as well as extensive knowledge that comes from a teamwork approach. We believe in collaboration and celebrating each individual's unique talents.
The Aura portion of Bella Aura comes from our core belief that energy exists everywhere. Each product conducts its own energy and brings that energy to you through usage. Life is about living and loving with authenticity and passion. We are so grateful for the community that surrounds us and we cannot wait to continue this mission of building a brand that not only provides incredible results for our customers, but also gives back on a global level.  Thank you for being here and we look forward to loving and celebrating all that you are.