How to keep your skin healthy (and happy) while you are travelling

How to keep your skin healthy (and happy) while you are travelling

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”
― anaïs nin


We love to travel. In fact, our whole line of products is made around extraordinary ingredient that we source all over the globe. From Morocco to Iceland, we love to discover ancient plant medicines for the skin. Travel expands our minds + hearts. It allows us to step out of the familiar and into worlds that are so different yet so akin to our own. Its a beautiful expediencies for the heart and yet the journey can be quite hard on our skin.

Airplanes use recycled air and our skin ends up absorbing a ton of toxin and bacteria! To add insult to injury, airplanes, car rides, boat rides, really all methods of travel lead to skin dehydration which can lead to breakouts, irritations and or dry patches that can get painful!

How do you keep your skin radiant while you travel? It all starts before you board the plane. So much like what we do for our Immune System with Elderberry and Oregano. Prevention is where it begins!

Every morning and or evening you should be layering on our Antioxidant Booster. The ultimate protection against pollution, laden with Rosmarinic Acid + Rutin, potent vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to address the root causes of skin imbalance. This little bottle of magic protects the skin against the abuse of the elements, a root cause of skin imbalance when we travel.

Now hydration. We do not leave the house without our Hydra Revive. Our little hydrating powerhouse is an essential oil-free serum that effectively hydrates, replenishes, soothes, and balances skin. Formulated with Icelandic moss, peat moss, and evergreen fern extracts, which offer an incredible amount of antioxidants + vital minerals, while holding onto deep levels of hydration. With our Hydra Revive Treatment you will get off the plane glowing.

We want to also encourage you to drink plenty of spring water and electrolytes while you travel. Remembering that everything we put in our body reflects on our skin! Travel is worth everything we put into it. It allows us to grow and expand and for us it serves as a meeting point if incredible souls and priceless ingredients. We love discovering the world through plants and our connection to people around the globe.

Happy travels beauty. May the hydration be ever in your favor. Xo


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