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Five Mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine

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Five Mistakes you are making with your daily skincare routine
1. No cleansing routine 
Washing our face on the go with a bar soap or any cleanser that happens to be around while we are showing can be detrimental to our skin! Most common bar soaps or shower gels are not meant for the delicate skin on our face. Using them disrupts the PH of our skin and causes either breakouts or extreme dryness. Also on cleaning, never use hot water, tepid or cool only. Any extreme temperature will cause dryness and irritation. Our cleanser is the perfect, easy, elegant companion to up your cleansing game. 
2. Using towels more than once 
When you dry your face, and or body make sure you are using clean towels. We recommend one time use and then washing! Bacteria builds fast on towels. Its the perfect recipe for it to grow and thrive. So keep them clean and your skin will thank you! 
3. You are using too much 

Less is more. In all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to products. So many of us are using and consuming so many products. Serums, creams, toners, masks. An endless onslaught of products that our faces are getting hit with. Did you know it takes 6-8 weeks for your skin to truly become acquainted with a product? No more than 1-2 products should be introduced at once. Anymore than this and you can often experience inflammation responses! Key thing to remember : Less is always more. 

4. Gentle is the way. Your skin, like your heart and soul need a gentle, tender touch. In our socitiey we can approach skincare with aggression. Overloading the skin with harsh products, acids, to many essential oils, over exfoliating etc. Hitting your skin with so much actually causes a disturbance to the delicate membrane and speeds the aging process! We strive for balance, not domination. Loving our skin into health! 
5. What we put inside our bodies is just as important as what we put ON our bodies. Skin health starts from within. Our skin is a living, breathing organ- in fact the largest in our body with its very own microbiome. Skin needs proper nutrition and there are some foods proven to disrupt the balance!  Dairy and sugar will up-regulate IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1), which is directly linked to acne. High sodium and high glycemic index carb-heavy diets, as well other inflammatory foods, could be a culprit for puffiness and lack of elasticity. We have to care about the nutrition we give ourselves if we want to glow externally! Think antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Same as our skincare but from food sources for within!