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September 07, 2021 2 min read

Skinimalism: skin minimalism
                        a   : a streamlined skincare routine
                        b   : less is more approach to skincare

Skin trends come and go (remember the 10 step skincare routine that took over several years ago?) but the fact remains simple: our skin does not need a 10 step routine to function properly. In fact, the more products we apply to our skin, the more likely we are to develop reactions and sensitivities from introducing so many new variables to our skin. Adopting a less is more approach is an excellent way to support your skin without the increased risk of damaging your natural barrier function.

Another factor worth considering is that many active ingredients don't play well with each other which can cause irritation. Additionally, some ingredients can cancel each other out entirely. Adopting a minimalist skin routine can allow your products to work better without risking skin damage and to allow the ingredients in your products to work as intended. If you've ever felt like your skincare routine isn't working despite pouring tons of cash into it, it may be worth scaling back your product selection to a streamlined routine.

There are many reasons people are ditching their 10 step routines in favor of skinimalism beyond protecting their skin barrier though, one of which is due to the increased knowledge surrounding sustainability. It's estimated that more than 120 billion packaging units are created globally in the cosmetics industry (Zero Waste Week). A simple solution to reducing waste without sacrificing the results we seek is by using potent multi-functional products - ones that target multiple skin concerns in one bottle. Not only do you protect your skin by using less products, you also protect the planet by reducing landfill waste.

We like Night Cellular Renewal to wake up with a glowing, even toned, and refreshed complexion.
Additionally, streamlining our routines means being more time-efficient; when we spend less time in the bathroom getting ready, we can spend more time living. Choosing a product like Daily Repair Moisturizer to deeply moisturize and brighten, or Multi Wrinkle Minimizer to smooth and lift the skin; both are great products that target multiple skin concerns in the morning as well as prep and prime the skin for makeup.